I'm supposed to attend a meeting tomorrow about something very close to my heart that I would love to see come to fruition. It's been a dream of mine since at least 2009, and it seems God has laid all the stones in place, and we just have to follow the path.

Tomorrow's meeting is a discussion to determine whether or not we can move forward with this project, and how much support we'll have. Even though writing is my passion, my heart is restless if I'm not doing something to better this world.

I, of course, am horrendously sick again, because I apparently have the immune system of a five-year old, and I doubt I'll be able to make the meeting tomorrow. So it will be up to my amazing husband and the team of men at our back to present this project and get approval.

My husband and I already created the project logo, did a virtual remodel of the available building to make it suit the project needs, and worked out a lot of the organization details. Needless to say, my heart is already in it. And where my heart goes, my husband's seems to follow. So please pray along with me that all goes well tomorrow, and we can move forward!

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