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A series of Unfortunate Events

Do you ever feel like one thing after another goes wrong?

For my husband and I, that started two days ago. We decided to make meatloaf. I noticed a lot of smoke coming from the oven, so I popped it open to find a fire in the bottom of the oven...(Meatloaf turned out great by the way).

We don't have a fire extinguisher, so I threw a glass of water in the oven and put the meatloaf on top of the stove. Well, unbeknownst to me, some of the grease from the meatloaf leaked onto the burner. So when I turned it on to make mashed potatoes, the BURNER caught fire.

How does this crap even happen?

We put out the fire, and I went to get the meatloaf from the oven, which thankfully didn't reignite, and my oh so awesome pot holders refused to block the heat. I may or may not have yelped in pain before dropping the meatloaf.

It landed with a crunch on the oven glass, shattering it. Our poor burnt, broken oven...

But hey, the Pyrex dish survived without a scratch! That's quality for you!

This morning, I get to work to find that the computers don't work. So every order has to be taken by hand. The cash register is attached to the computer, so no money. I was not going to let this crap win. So I grabbed the silverware container and turned it into a makeshift cash register.

Then I realized the dining room was FREEZING. Someone turned off the heat yesterday and took the key with them, which meant I couldn't unlock it and turn the heat on. I tried to get it open, but all I managed to do was turn a fork into a twizzler.

Safe to say I'm not a lock picker.

So I wiggled a butter knife through the plastic seam just far enough to hit the on button.

Good grief, what a couple of days! But I'm thankful to say that we made it through this series of unfortunate events without losing our sense of humor or determination to succeed.

Now, where to bake the Christmas cookies since my oven was murdered by meatloaf...

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