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Author: C.C. Warrens

Title: Crossroads

Series: Holly Novels

Genre: Suspense

Publisher: C.C. Warrens

Run and don’t look back.
I'll find you when it’s safe.
Those were the last words Holly whispered to her six year old foster sister before the little girl fled into the trees and disappeared from existence.
Fifteen years later, Cassandra Ward is still missing.
Holly is haunted by the possibility that she sent her foster sister running from one monster and into the clutches of another. How else could a child vanish without a trace?
Determined to find her, Holly sifts through her own dark memories for clues, revisits her past, and chases a lead across the country with Jordan by her side. But the search for Cassie takes a dangerous turn when an altercation in the mountains leaves them stranded, cut off from the outside world, and running for their lives.

Direct from author ships to U.S. addresses only.


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Cross the Line
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