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Injustice for All

has an absorbing mystery, heart-pounding suspense, and strong themes of hope and friendship.

Detective Marx, the NYPD’s Southern import and beloved good guy from CC Warrens’ Holly Cross novels, scrambles to find a serial killer with a moralizing streak in this first book of the Seeking Justice series. He must navigate enigmatic clues, false leads, and threats that hit a little too close to home to find the truth and protect the people he cares about.

Although the plot is exciting and intense, this is definitely a character-driven novel thanks to Marx, with his complex mixture of no-nonsense toughness, fierce sense of justice, and patient affection.

The inspirational message always present in Warrens’ novels has a uniquely Marx spin also, as he slowly learns to exchange his lifelong self-reliance for genuine faith and strives (sometimes awkwardly) to encourage others to do the same. The result is a warm and realistic picture of the faith journey.

Fans of the previous series will be delighted to see familiar secondary characters, especially the quirky and unexpectedly heroic Holly Cross.

I highly recommend this book, as it will keep readers entertained and uplifted from the first page
. -- Chloe S. Flanagan -author


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