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One Reader's Review

"Holly fans unite! You’ll love this book! I promise you that. If you haven’t read any of C. C. Warrens books then you need to start. Start now…because you have a lot of catching up to do.

This is the third book in the Justice Seeking series by C. C. Warrens (Justice for All #1, Holly Jolly Christmas #2.) And this current series follows the Holly Novels. If you haven’t read them, Criss Cross #1, Cross Fire #2, & Crossed Off #3…run to your computer and buy them! These novels follow Holly and her quest to rid herself of her traumatic past. Along the way she meets a few wonderful people who become fast friends.

I totally love these books. I have fallen in love with the characters (except one, and that character is not supposed to be loved). While reading these novels I’ve laughed out loud, cried, been overjoyed, sat on the edge of my seat in suspense and been so overwhelmed I’ve had to put it down just so I could breathe. The author has a way of making these characters real. I feel like I know them and I forget that this is fiction. It’s that good!"

~ Debbie Lester ~